Yankton School District 63-3

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Go Bucks and Gazelles!

Message from Dr. Kindle

Dear Community Members, Staff, Parents, and Students of the Yankton School District:

As you all have probably have read or heard, there are some folks who have organized a petition drive regarding the Crane Youngworth Project, particularly the stadium. The folks organizing the petition would like for the school board and administration to keep the current stadium. The beauty of this country is that people can take out a petition when in disagreement and we will respect the process.

I want to personally thank all community members, staff, parents, and students for your commitment, dedication, support, and recommendations made to the school board. The involvement, opportunities, media coverage and dialogue we provided for public input on this project were numerous. More importantly is the transparency and desire of the school district to be inclusive throughout the entire project.

Thank you again for your time, support and recommendations to move forward with this very important project.


Dr. Kindle