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YSD COVID-19 Update

Yankton School District Active Student/Staff Positive COVID-19 Cases 

School *Number of Positive Cases
Yankton High School 
Yankton Middle School  4
Beadle Elementary School  0
Lincoln Elementary School  2
Stewart Elementary School  1
Webster Elementary School  1

                                                                                                          *As of noon on October 22, 2020

Note:  These case numbers are based upon our own school information and will be updated at the end of each week for which we are aware of at that present time in the Yankton School District.  Due to federal laws such as HIPAA and FERPA, as well as protecting individual privacy no other specific information will be shared. 

As a reminder when you see this weekly update, please remember these students/staff confirmed to be positive COVID-19 cases have already been put into “Isolation” by the South Dakota Department of Health/Health Care Professionals.  Any confirmed student/staff Close Contacts associated have already been “Quarantined” by the South Dakota Department of Health/Health Care Professionals/Yankton School District.

You may find out from your family physician or the South Dakota Department of Health your child has tested positive for COVID-19, which requires Isolation from school or your child is a confirmed “Close Contact”, which requires Quarantine.  In either case please notify your child’s principal immediately, as you most likely will know this information prior to the school.

Please also indicate if the positive case or close contact was due to a possible exposure at school.  This will allow for a much quicker mitigation and tracing process for the safety of your child, as well as other children and staff in the school. 

South Dakota Department of Health Resources

To view the DOH’s weekly, aggregated COVID-19 positive case count for K-12, visit the DOH website.

For a current count of positive COVID-19 cases in Yankton County and throughout South Dakota, please visit the DOH website.