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Student Achievement & Assessments

Student Achievement 

With the transition to Every Student Succeeds Act, the South Dakota Department of Education published a new Report Card. South Dakota has two accountability systems – Elementary/Middle School and High School. Each system is based on a 100-point School Performance Index (SPI). The SPI consists of several indicators with numerical values assigned to each to measure a school’s performance. The SPI recognizes both achievement and growth while providing targets to encourage ongoing improvement. The SPI indicators are outlined in the charts below for both systems.

• Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and unprecedented learning conditions, certain data are not available for the
2020-21 school year. State assessments were not administered in the 2019-20 school year and therefore data
for student growth are not available this year.
• In addition, data reported on the 2020-21 report card should be interpreted with caution. Due to the pandemic,
certain data may not be comparable to past years. Data may also be incomplete and/or not representative of
the make-up of the State, district, or school population.
• In a normal year, School Performance Index (SPI) points for each accountability indicator are calculated;
however, based upon South Dakota's waiver approved by U.S. Department of Education, the schools’ overall
scores (SPI Points) are not calculated for the 2020-21 report card.
• Also, part of this waiver, school support status is based on school performance results from the 2018-19
academic year.

Yankton School District Report Card 

For complete details regarding each indicator’s calculation, click here – Calculation Guide.

For more information regarding School Performance Index Scores, click here - Report Card Data Tables. 


Yankton School District Report Card

To access the report card for our schools, type one of the following and select VIEW.

1. Beadle Elementary 

2. Lincoln Elementary (YANKTON)

3. Stewart Elementary

4. Webster Elementary

5. Yankton Middle School

6. Yankton High School


To access South Dakota State's Report card, click VIEW STATE REPORT in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Student Assessments