Yankton School District 63-3

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Strategic Plan

In September 2013, over 800 members of the Yankton Community (including administrators, teachers, parents, students, and community members) participated in an online survey to share their thoughts regarding strengths and opportunities for improvement within the Yankton School District.


In October 2013, over 100 members of this same group attended a collaborative strategic planning session. During this session, the statistical survey results were presented, and the participants identified the specific and unique roles required of each respondent group to successfully achieve the Yankton School District mission. In addition, the participants reviewed and discussed the narrative comments from the surveys and summarized the challenges, strengths, and improvements needs conveyed by each respondent group.


In November 2013, over 50 members of the community gathered for a second collaborative session to prioritize the needs identified during the first session. Small groups worked together to prioritize the needs into short-term and long-term categories and then wrote goal statements to provide a clear focus. The groups also discussed their five-year vision for the Yankton School District and documented those comments.


During the month of February, 2014, administrators and staff of each school in the district reviewed the input obtained from the community sessions, and were given an opportunity to add their perspective as education professionals.


The information collected from the schools, along with the community input was provided to the Superintendent’s leadership team in March 2014 to use in drafting the 5-year strategic plan for the Yankton School District and prioritizing short term and long term goals.


In May, 2014, three groups were formed to identify objectives and develop action plans for the short term goals. These groups were comprised of 10-12 administrators, teachers, parents, and community members who participated in the initial strategic planning sessions in October 2013.  All group members expressed interest in and willingness to continue their participation as the action plans are implemented.


Three advisory teams, each assigned to a specific short term goal, have been formed to insure ongoing progress in action plan implementation. Each advisory team consists of administrators and teachers who were part of the original action planning groups. Parents, patrons, and community members who participated in the action planning groups will be invited to attend progress updates, share expertise,

and provide input.


A draft of the strategic plan was presented to the School Board for final approval in the spring 2014.


Implementation of the approved strategic plan began with the 2014-15 school year.