Important Message

We wanted to inform all of you about a Tik Tok Challenge/Hoax that is surfacing around the country and actually has happened here in South Dakota as recent as this morning in another school.  The challenge is to contact Law Enforcement and School Officials notifying them there is an "Active Shooter" in the school. 

This is an awful prank/hoax, which scares students, staff, parents, community members, law enforcement and school officials.  The anxiety, disruption and fear this causes can't fully be described in our message, unless you are in the midst of such a prank or hoax.  Many schools have been locked down and searched, all in the efforts of keeping our schools safe for our students and staff.

If such a Tik Tok Challenge/Hoax or any other senseless kind of prank or challenge would occur, we will take swift action both through school and law enforcement for those involved, including criminal prosecution.  

 Please take a moment to visit with your child or children about such pranks or challenges.

Thank you for your understanding and partnering with the Yankton School District and Yankton Police Department to ensure the safety of our schools and children.

 Dr. Wayne Kindle, Superintendent                           

Jason Foote, Chief of Police Yankton Police Department