Late Start

Beginning this school year we will no longer be using a 10:00 Late Start during inclement weather. 

 We will begin using a  2 Hour Late Start  with the current school year.  There are some reasons for this change, which all evolve around the safety of our students. 

Our feedback from parents and especially bus parents has been that the 10:00 Late Start can be very confusing with the pick-up times.  Thus, a  2 Hour Late Start  is much easier to simply add 2 hours onto your normal bus pick-up time. 

I have always felt having a bit more time to make a decision on whether or not we would actually begin at 10:00 or not, would be helpful.  The extra 30 minutes going to a  2 Hour Late Start  would provide us additional time to make this important decision.  Honestly, weather conditions and road conditions can change pretty quickly,  so this extra time would be helpful.

The extra time also provides more of a window for the County and State to have sanding trucks, plows, etc. out and about in more areas. 

Hopefully, it will be a few months before we have to make any weather decisions.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

 Dr. Wayne Kindle, Superintendent