School Board Meeting Policy


  1. Regular Meetings: Regular School Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, 5:00  p.m.,  at  the  Yankton School  District Administration Building (Board Room) unless otherwise arranged.

  2. Special Meetings: Special meetings may be held upon call of the president, or, in the president's absence, by the vice-president or a majority of the board members. Notice of such meeting shall be given by the superintendent to the board members either orally or in writing in sufficient time to permit their presence.

  3. Agenda: The superintendent, with the assistance of delegated staff members shall prepare the school board meeting agenda. The final agenda shall be approved by the Board President.  Board members may request items be placed on the agenda by notifying the superintendent or the Board President in advance of the printed agenda. For all regular School Board meetings and to the extent possible for special or rescheduled board meetings the superintendent (or designee) shall, at least twenty- four (24) hours before the meeting to which it applies:

a.   Furnish Board members with an agenda of principal items of business;

b.   Post a copy of the agenda, visible to the public, at the Yankton School District Administration Building; 

c.   Post a copy of the agenda on the District’s website;

d.   Deliver in person,  by  mail,  or  by  telecommunications, the  agenda to members of  the local news media who have requested notice; and 

e.   If printed material relating to an agenda item is prepared and distributed to the Board before the meeting, the material shall be posted to the District’s website or made available at the Administration Building at least twenty-four hours before the meeting or at the time the material is distributed to the Board, whichever is later. 

4.  Quorum and Voting: A majority of the members of the entire School Board at any legally called meeting shall constitute a      quorum. A five member board requires three members present, either in person or via teleconference, to conduct business.   All motions must be approved by a majority of the elected members.  In the event that Board members must abstain from voting due to conflict of interest as outlined in SDCL 6-1-17, official action will be taken if it is approved by the majority of members voting.

Votes on all motions and resolutions shall be by “aye” or “nay” or “yes” or “no”.

5.  Rules: Robert’s Rules of Order will serve as a guide to the ordinary conduct of the meeting.

6.  Public Comment: All meetings of the School Board, except for executive sessions, are open to the public to attend.  This includes regular, special and emergency meetings of the School Board.  The School Board, as an elected representative body of the school  district,  wishes  to  provide  an  opportunity  for  citizens  to  express interests and concerns related to the school district. The public is cordially invited to attend Board meetings. 

a. Board meetings are conducted for the purpose of carrying on the official business of the District.  Orderly conduct of these meetings does not permit spontaneous input from the audience.  Individuals or organizations desiring to address the Board will be provided that opportunity in accordance with these provisions.

1)  Requests to place items on the agenda: Requests for items to be placed on the agenda shall be submitted in writing to the superintendent no later than five business days prior to the scheduled Board meeting.  The request shall state the name and address of the individual or group submitting the request, the precise topic to be addressed, and the specific purpose for the request.  A form for the purpose of requesting an item be placed on the agenda is available at the District office or on the District website and must be used to make a request. 

2)  The  superintendent will  confer  with  the  president  of  the Board concerning approval to place the requested item on the agenda. The president makes the ultimate decision regarding agenda items, but items may not be excluded due to the viewpoint of the speaker, or due to the subject matter proposed except as provided in this policy.     All agenda items must address matters directly related to Yankton Public Schools. The Board will not permit in public session any complaints about school personnel, a student or any person connected with the District.   Persons with complaints regarding individuals will be directed to the Board policy regarding the proper procedure for such complaints.  If the proposed agenda item is not directly related to the Yankton Public Schools or relates to a student or personnel issue, it will not be placed on the agenda.

3)  The requesting party will be advised of the meeting at which the item will be part of the agenda.

4)  Public  Input  on  Agenda  Items:    Individuals  wishing  to address the Board regarding a current agenda item will have an opportunity to do so after the administration has presented the item to the Board but prior to the Board addressing the agenda item.  The Board will not hear comment on consent agenda items, however, prior to noon the day of the meeting, members of the public may by contacting the Superintendent request that an item on the consent agenda be placed on the regular agenda for comment.

5)  Individuals wishing to address the Board on an agenda item must sign up with the Business Manager or designee prior to the beginning of the meeting. Each person wishing to speak must give his/her name and address, identify the name of the organization represented (if any), identify the agenda item he/she wishes to address, and indicate whether he or she will be speaking for or against the item.

6)  Individuals may address the Board for a maximum of three minutes per agenda item, although the President may elect to extend the time through question-answer time, or through discussion. However, if there are a large number of agenda items or speakers, the President may also reduce the time allotted for each speaker.  A maximum of fifteen minutes per side of testimony will be permitted per agenda item. If more speakers sign up to speak to an issue than time is available, the President may request that each side of the issue select a person or two to speak to each side of the issue or reduce the time allotted for each speaker. A single spokesperson shall be selected by groups or organizations to address the Board on an agenda item. 

7)  Etiquette and Decorum:   Speakers will be introduced by the president of the Board at the appropriate time during the agenda.  Anyone addressing the Board must give their name and address.  The Board expects that each speaker will be courteous. Speakers  will  address  their  comments  to  the entire Board and not to individual Board members, the Superintendent, a staff member, or to the audience. Speakers are not permitted to interrogate Board members or District staff.  Speakers will not be permitted to participate in gossip, make defamatory comments or use abusive or vulgar language. Speakers  will  not  engage  in  personal  attacks against individuals and will present their comments from the podium provided for them.   Speakers will not present repetitive information. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the speaker being denied the opportunity to address the board and being removed from the meeting room.

8)  If a speaker would like to present written comments to the Board, seven copies should be handed to the President as the speaker approaches  the  podium  to  speak  or  prior  to  the meeting.

9)  Members of the community are also invited to communicate with the Board in writing.  Individuals may send written comments to the School Board at Yankton School District Administration Building, 2410 West City Limits Road, P.O. Box 738, Yankton, South Dakota 57078.

10) The  Board  from  time  to  time  may  also  hold  informal sessions designed for public comment.

11) These policies regarding public comment are designed to allow reasonable public input while also allowing the Board to conduct efficient and orderly business meetings.  The advanced notice   requirements   allow   the   Board   and administration  to  be  reasonably  informed  as  to  matters sought to be brought forth by the public.

  1. Minutes of School Board Meetings:

a.   A complete record of minutes, including "aye" and "nay" or “yes” and “no” votes shall be kept of all meetings of the School Board. The minutes shall be reproduced in the minute books of the Board, thus becoming the permanent and official record of the action of the Board. This record shall be open to inspection by the public during regular office hours of the business manager. 

b.   Within twenty  days  after  such  meeting,  the  Board  shall  cause  to  be published in the official legal newspaper within the District, a full account of  the  unapproved  proceedings  of  such  meeting  giving  a  detailed statement of all expenditures of money, with the names of persons to whom payment is made, and the service rendered or goods furnished. The Board shall approve the minutes of the Board and the president and the business  manager shall  sign  the  minutes  of  all  regular  and  special meetings after they have been approved.  Any change or correction in the minutes shall be reflected in the minutes of the meeting at which the changes are made.

c.   Within ten  business  days,  the  unapproved  draft  minutes  of  a  Board meeting will be made available for inspection by the public, or within five business days after a meeting, an audio or video recording of the meeting will be available to the public on the District website. The minutes will be submitted to the official newspaper within ten business days. 

d.   The business manager shall sign each legal publication submitted to the newspaper. 

June 14, 1993, Action #93-329

June 12, 1995, Action #95-344

Amended July 17, 2006-Action #2007-10

Amended December 12, 2011- Action #2012-156