YSD Bus Rules & Regulations

The driver of a school bus is in complete charge of the passengers and the bus. The driver’s relationship with the students is on the same basis as that of a teacher in the classroom. Bus transportation of students is a privilege, conditioned on courteous behavior and observance of the rules for bus riding. The safety of the bus and its passengers requires total cooperation from everyone. The driver’s duties include reporting to the principal the names of any students who persist in violating the rules and regulations of safe riding. Repeated violations may lead to short term suspension, long term suspension or expulsion from bus riding privileges.

Student Rules and Regulations:

  • Arrive at the bus loading zone at the designated time.

  • Do not cross the road or highway to load or unload until the bus driver clearly signals you to cross.

  • Do not fight, wrestle, threaten or molest fellow students at the bus loading zones or on the bus.

  • Stay seated on the bus at all times.

  • Keep aisles clear of obstructions.

  • Do not open the windows without the bus driver’s permission.

  • Keep hands, arms and heads inside the bus.

  • Do not throw articles inside of the bus or out the bus window.

  • Do not eat or drink on the bus without the driver’s permission.

  • No loud or boisterous talking will be allowed while the bus is in motion.

  • Do not use obscene, threatening or flagrantly disrespectful language or gestures while on the bus.

  • Do not write or display obscene words or pictures while on the bus.

  • Do not intimidate students.

  • Do not talk at train crossings.

  • Do not deface or destroy school property.

  • Tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs are not allowed on the school bus at any time. Students may not carry or have on their person tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs nor may they be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs in any degree on school buses.

  • No act of insubordination toward the driver will be allowed.

Procedure for Suspension or Expulsion:

The District shall adhere to the Student Due Process Administrative Rules as adopted by the State Board of Education, Article 24:07.